At Mangal Cotton Mills we bring you the artistic world of fabrics and versatile machineries for the finest work.

Artistic world of our fabric:

This is the world of designs which are like poetry on a fabric. Each twist of the thread, each loop that it goes through is unique and instantly appealing to the customers. At Sekhani Group, the art of embroidery is taken to new levels of brilliance and finery by state-of-the-art technology. Everyday, our group produces nothing less than 30,000 meters of embroidered fabric that is designed to have maximum appeal for our customers.

Versatile machineries for the finest work

At Mangal Cotton Mills, the machineries play a critical role in producing fine-quality embroideries and fabrics. We have installed world class SCHIFFLI Machine upto 25 meter long from leading suppliers Saurer and Lasser.

Our product speciality

  • • Eyelet Embroidery
  • • 3D Applique Embroidery
  • • Schiffli Embroidery
  • • Sequence Embroidery
  • • Multi-head Embroidery
  • • Guipure Lace Embroidery
  • • Guipure Allover Embroidery

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